13 Ways to Succeed in the Job You Already Have

13 Ways to Succeed in the Job You Already Have

Changing employers can be a fast way to increase your salary and gain new experiences. Sometimes that’s easy to do, and sometimes you might be more successful if you focus on the job you already have.

The economy often moves in cycles. One day, experts are talking about the Great Resignation, and the next they’re warning that the job market is cooling off. You might also have personal reasons for hanging onto your current position.

It’s still possible to advance your career without sending out a single resume. Try these tips for moving ahead in your current job.

Renewing Your Enthusiasm

It’s natural to feel excited when you’re starting a new job, but where can you find inspiration when it’s just another Monday morning?

Use these strategies to develop a more upbeat attitude:

  1. Think positive. Pay attention to what you like about your work. Remember the purpose behind your activities. Avoid gossip and complaining. Choose kind and encouraging words for your inner dialogue and when you communicate with others.

  2. Make friends. Mutually supportive relationships make any job more fun. Show an interest in your coworkers. Attend company picnics and happy hours. Join the softball league.

  3. Take breaks. Stand up and stretch during long meetings and when you’re sitting in front of your computer for hours. Go for a short walk or do breathing exercises. Call a friend or send them a funny text message.

  4. Practice self-care. Keep yourself strong and fit. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. Aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

  5. Use reminders. Staying cheerful and engaged is an ongoing process. Sign up for apps like Live Happy and Think Up that will send you positive messages and action ideas each day. Write affirmations on sticky notes or your bathroom mirror.

Increasing Your Value

Enhancing your performance will pay off wherever you choose to work. Focus on quality and look for ways to contribute to the bottom line.

Try these strategies:

  1. Understand the mission. Most employees don’t know their company’s mission and don’t feel connected with it if they do. If your values align with your employer’s, you can use the statement to guide you and help you stand out.

  2. Set goals. Create your own personal development plan with specific and compelling short- and long-term targets. Ask yourself how it ties in with your company’s objectives and your boss’s priorities.

  3. Show initiative. Be proactive about your career. Volunteer for highly visible committees and challenging assignments.

  4. Use your strengths. Structure your job in a way that lets you leverage your natural talents and core skills. Maybe you excel at analytical thinking or sales.

  5. Support your team. Consider your colleagues, as well as your own agenda. Share credit and celebrate group victories. Lend a helping hand when someone has a tight deadline.

  6. Continue learning. Add to your qualifications. Complete certification courses online and stay up to date with the latest technology in your industry. Ask others about their areas of expertise and offer to teach them what you know.

  7. Promote yourself. Showcase your achievements without going overboard. Let your supervisor know when you cut costs or make a client happy. Build an online portfolio of your work and participate in meetings.

  8. Maintain balance. What you do at home affects your life at the office. Avoid excessive overtime and disconnect when you’re off duty. Spend time with family and friends and enjoy your hobbies.

You can have a rewarding career, even if changing jobs is temporarily out of the question. Show your current employer and yourself how much you have to offer.